The Opposition!

Hi, We are here to be describing our best intentions, as we go, war machines are meant to compete, complete, & repeat :

The enemies (just like how the game TANKS! Did it) are intentionally going to be the sameish model as you. I wanted the exceptions to be however:

Other than that, a few other hilarious things I spotted when trying to add more grit to dealing with this game’s type of challenge: Mines are actually more like anti-tank grenades, having a distinct 15 second fuze, it functions alot like an S-mine/100 mm anti-tank grenade. Rockets IRL are slower, a lot slower than an anti-tank gun shell: “Slow rounds” D-20 [152 mm.] howitzer: 1969 ft./sec. KwK [88 mm.] kannonen: 3,100 ft./sec. “Fast rounds” 1550 [120 mm.] ATGM: 1,028 ft./sec. Raketen Sprenggranate 4581 [380 mm.]: 820 ft./sec.

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