Welcome to The Development of COMBAT!

This is dedicated to my game, as in the planning, the areas so far reached, just development, & working at the task, of challenging the games that serve as inspiration to this one. “COMBAT.” as I know it, & what you soon will see, was never finished, though the planning is still underway. Just because I never got around to completing it, doesn’t deter my will to share how much could have been done. My“fan game.” is the result of basically taking the top down view of an old game like Tanks! & trying to bring the 3D up to date, as well as not relying on ‘bullet barrage’ tactics, but rather on the tactics a real tank crew might employ.

Here's an image:
concept art
So what exactly was going to be done.
  • First thing, I wanted to get the tanks going, the player interface & model
  • The second priority, was going to be additional modeling to the player's model (the HUD basically), & along with that, getting the camera fixed at 45* relative to the floor
  • Next, I wanted the stage to come to life, having the tank leave tracks, & finalize the movement of your tank.
  • The furthering of the development plan was to get some firepower, like modeling the shells, get the proving ground looking good, & begin on the ballistics engine
  • So just as a final benchmark goes, It was just to get a fully rendered tank, on a fully rendered battlefield training/proving ground, to have it's turret rotate without incident, have neutral hull traverse without incident, & then having it fire, without incident.

That was the story, on what I wanted to develop for my demo, now, on to the further development.